Me, as it were...

Antonio Toro

To imagine a place inside out, picture it as if you're working or living there, requires imagination. Luckily I have that in spades.

Born in San Francisco, I've worked in traditional animation as a, well, animator, and designer of props and backgrounds on hundreds of projects, the game of the latter being 'believe that you're living in that world, and see how it feels,' which, in turn, naturally takes us to interior design. The rest is tools, color sense, humor, an ability to read the client, adaptability, an eye for detail, knowing where to find that perfect something, planning ahead, utilizing what the client has, and hard work.

And having fun with it. That's the most important part.

My other career(s) include screenwriting, illustration, graphic novelist, catering, Trompe-l'œil artist, chimney sweep, and an undercover op for a detective agency.